Cara d'Sangre

A grappling expert, with more depth than he shows.



Cara d’Sangre

As a boy, he had a somewhat odd upbringing. His parents were monks, and they had him out of love. This was uncommon for their monastery, as most children were merely to fill the ranks and to further the monastery’s goals. Having love in his background made him somewhat tenderhearted and the militant nature of the rest of the community forced him to have a conflict of spirit. He was viewed as a heretic, and cast out of the walls; effectively alone in the world. He strove onwards, the words of his mother and father ringing fresh in his ears, “Remember that no matter where you go or what you do we will always love you.”

He traveled for a while, earning his keep as a bare-knuckle brawler in seedy pubs and small villages. His training made it easy for him to throw people around, most were just drunken farmers with little respect for outsiders which made it easy for him to provoke a fight. They stood virtually no chance against his superior skill, unlike the ones that he had heard about in the cities. One rural “bum”, however, broke his undefeated record; his name was Lamazu Camba and he introduced Cara into a secret sect of monks that few knew about. In it, the monks all practiced wrestling with their fears, quite literally, and learned to grapple everything in order to subdue it. By doing this, they felt like they were actually conquering their own inner strife, and earning enlightenment through physical conquest. During his time, he steadily rose through the ranks of the monastery and eventually became good enough to best almost every other monk there…except Lamazu. He vowed to travel and see the world, and coming back to someday defeat Lamazu. He felt like that was his in-born duty, so he took off with a few of his friends and created a traveling troupe of performance wrestlers. They disguised themselves with masks, and each had created a fake persona. This was as much for show as it was to protect their sacred monastery, the faint of heart would not understand why they have captured so many species of monster and would likely put the entire order in forced labor camps.

Eventually the troupe scattered to the winds, with Cara still traveling and doing his performance wrestling as a full-time job. As he struggled with trying to find time to improve his actual grappling skill, an opportunity arose. He’d heard about an exploration ship being commissioned, and his reputation was enough that people recognized him just by his mask alone. He confidently strode into the palace and sought an audience with the Emperor. He requested, in fact almost demanded, that he be allowed to explore the new world. He did not let his secret desire to subdue the new wonders and horrors be known, instead he played up his character’s part and said he would provide the most electrifying display of grappling prowess known to man. He said that he would help bolster the defensive capabilities, and referenced his shining oily body as proof. The Emperor was amused, mostly, and allowed it. If the silly fool wanted to die during the campaign, so be it, but at least the grappling matches would keep the crew in good spirits.

Cara d'Sangre

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