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  • Eldricite

    Eldricite is the source of all known [[Magic | Magic]] in the world. Arcane spells use the rawest form of the mineral, either by direct contact with the mineral or through ingesting a slightly more refined dust, typically mixed with food or drink, such as …

  • Verigio

    Verigio is the capital city of the province of [[Rikal | Rikal]] on the island of [[Selthak]].

  • Rikal

    Rikal is one of several provinces ruled by the nobility of the Empire. Situated on the south-eastern shore of [[Selthak | Selthak]], it enjoys a great wealth of mineral resources including iron, copper, coal, salt, and [[Ember Stone | Ember Stone]]. It …

  • Duke Carlmond Verigio

    The current Duke of [[Rikal | Rikal]]. A large man known for his appetite and love of exotic foods. He will regularly invite celebrity chefs to his estates to cook for him for a time, this is considered a great honor by many culinary aspirants across [[ …

  • Selthak

    An island populated exclusively by humans, it is ruled by an emperor and governed by nobles who separate their geographical areas of rule into a number of different and symbiotic provinces.

  • Isle of Light

    The Isle of Light is home to all manner of magical and mortal creatures including [[Dwarf | Dwarves]], [[Elf | Elves]], [[Gnome | Gnomes]], and [[Halfling | Halflings]]. The Isle of Light is ruled by an elven queen who is supported by the [[Council of …

  • Dwarf

    The Dwarves are a stout folk, slightly shorter and stockier than [[Human | humans]].

  • Human

    If you are human, you don't really need a physical description do you?

  • Elf

    The kingdom of the elves currently encompases the entirety of the [[Isle of Light]] and includes the[[Dwarf | Dwarven]], [[Gnome | Gnomish]], and [[Halfling | Halfling]] populations. The elves are ruled by a queen who is in turn supported by the [[Council …

  • Halfling

    Halflings rarely grow to a height greater than that of the average human child. Other than that, they tend to conform to human norms in all other respects.

  • Scout Ship

    These ships are the most advanced naval vessel that humanity has ever created and served to facilitate exploration of the seas surrounding [[Selthak]] to such a great extent that the [[Isle of Light]] was found. This great discovery precipitated the …

  • Avery Burghess

    Works under [[Halthor Carreros | Halthor Carreros]] doing as he is asked and looking after whatever projects he is given.

  • Solomon Key

    h3. Childhood Life began simply for Solomon. Born on the 15th of [[Medd | Medd]], during the 7th year of our grand [[Emperor Anthen Sictan VII | Emperor Anthen Sictan VII's]] reign, to a family consiting of two young, loving parents, Hallin and …

  • Cara d'Sangre

    Cara d'Sangre As a boy, he had a somewhat odd upbringing. His parents were monks, and they had him out of love. This was uncommon for their monastery, as most children were merely to fill the ranks and to further the monastery's goals. Having love in …

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