It’s been 10 years since The Great Awakening, when the Sictanni Empire, led by Emperor Anthen Sictan VII left their island nation and discovered there was more to the world than Humanity and invention. The Scout Ships, made for exploration of the sea, were barely able to reach the closest land mass, the Isle of Light, home of the Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings, as well as an array of other magical creatures, and most importantly, a vast store of Eldricite, the mineral that makes all Magic possible. For 10 years, Emperor Sictan has made it the primary goal of the Empire to explore the world for whatever treasures it holds. The first two fleets of ships are ready to head off in opposite directions. You have been chosen to go with the fleets to explore and chart whatever lands can be found. Can you handle it?

Phil's Island World

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