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  • Duke Carlmond Verigio

    The current Duke of [[Rikal | Rikal]]. A large man known for his appetite and love of exotic foods. He will regularly invite celebrity chefs to his estates to cook for him for a time, this is considered a great honor by many culinary aspirants across [[ …

  • Scout Ship

    These ships are the most advanced naval vessel that humanity has ever created and served to facilitate exploration of the seas surrounding [[Selthak]] to such a great extent that the [[Isle of Light]] was found. This great discovery precipitated the …

  • Avery Burghess

    Works under [[Halthor Carreros | Halthor Carreros]] doing as he is asked and looking after whatever projects he is given.

  • Solomon Key

    h3. Childhood Life began simply for Solomon. Born on the 15th of [[Medd | Medd]], during the 7th year of our grand [[Emperor Anthen Sictan VII | Emperor Anthen Sictan VII's]] reign, to a family consiting of two young, loving parents, Hallin and …

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